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Body Dynamics is a MOBILE body composition and metabolism testing unit serving Pierce County, WA and surrounding areas. We perform the testing at your facility for your members, staff, and community’s convenience with no cost to you.  We offer the practical Gold Standard of body fat testing using the scientifically proven Bod Pod in addition to RMR testing using the medical grade Reevue by Korr.

Why host an event?
  • It is an added benefit to your members at no additional cost to you.
  • Discounted pricing for your members and staff.
  • Draw attention of potential customers to your business.
  • Partnered advertising through our site and social media.
  • Increased interest in personal training and nutrition since our clients next step is making a change.
  • Site visits can be easily set at any interval to track members progress.
What we need to get started:
  • An area to park our mobile lab (about 3-4 parking spots or a large open area).
  • Access to  power outlet.
  • Partnering in event promotion.
If you would like to have Body Dynamics come to your facility,  please complete the contact form below.

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